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End Get-Rich-Quick Syndrome , Governor Soludo Tells Mothers

by Austin Areh
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Nigeria is nurturing her democratic institutions and as such, there are so many things to learn, and with that, there are issues that may arise, that will threaten national unity, but with the application of diplomacy rise above all of that with a clear notion of Growth and development shared in the mindset of the Youths.


The youths must understand that the country Nigeria largely depends on them, because we occupy over sixty percent in the population, that means, the people we keep blaming for our misfortunes, don’t make up to twenty percent. Nigerian youths need to know that they own the power, and all the years that we have been misguided has made us vulnerable to causing chaos and conflict, instead of pursuing peace and growth.


While there is a call for more clarity on hard work and the processes to get to the top, it is important that everyone that’s to talk about the core issues as it connects from the social circle of family hood into the society. The new Governor of Anambra State, Charles Soludo has made this call to mothers , to inculcate the culture of sound morals in bringing up the youths.


While speaking at a Mass , on Sunday , March 27th, he called for sober reflection on the situation and also clarified that the youth are now influenced by the negative tandencies of the get-rich- quick syndrome . He appealed to mothers to hold strong moral values that will be worth emulating by the youths .

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