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Empowering Nigerian Arts: Minister Musawa’s Alliance With Prof. Soyinka

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Minister Hannatu Musawa seeks Nobel laureate Prof. Wole Soyinka’s support to promote and preserve literary arts in Nigeria.

Nneka Anibeze, Special Adviser to the Minister, stated Musawa made the call during a visit to Soyinka.

The minister emphasized the sector’s need to utilize the literary icon’s experience in promoting the nation’s cultural heritage.

“It is an honour to share my vision for the development of the arts, culture, and creative economy with the Nobel Laureate.

“The purpose of this visit is to seek your expertise to enhance literary arts development in the country.”

“This is the first time that we are having a ministry created specifically for this sector which is the Ministry of Arts, Culture and Creative Economy.

“Nigeria has a huge culture content including music, films, fashion and literary arts of which our priorities include the preservation of literary works.

“This, we intend carrying out by formulating policies that will ward off piracy and plagiarism,” she said.

According to Musawa, Nigeria boasts of great writers like Prof. Wole Soyinka, the late Prof. Chinua Achebe, Chimamanda Adichie, Prof. Okey Ndibe and many others.

She said, “We will be happy to see Prof. Soyinka lead the way on these strategies.

“We look unto your antecedents for initiatives to encourage the younger generation to embrace and celebrate their cultural identity.”

The minister talked about initiatives to encourage youth to embrace their cultural identity and foster artistic development, collaboration, and innovation in the creative economy.

She mentioned exploring cultural diplomacy and using arts to promote cultural diversity internationally.

She looks forward to collaborating with Soyinka for the advancement of arts, culture, and the creative economy.

Responding, Soyinka expressed delight in the visit and described his interest in culture and literary arts as a comparative one.

He called for a conscious effort at preserving the culture and tradition of the Nigerian people.

“Cultures interrelate and connect with others, rendering culture universal.”

“The neglect of heritages and monuments presents Nigerians with diverse issues.”

“We need to promote indigenous languages and cultures to preserve morals and values across the country.

“The performing artiste is at a disadvantage, as his resources are limited. All an actor can do is join forces. Nigeria boasts of writers, musicians, painters, sculptors and artists who believe in opening up certain horizons for human striving.

“I am an artist and a producer, a creative person and I like to go into galleries, to listen to music and to read books.

“The arts are the material expression of the people’s essence, of their spirituality, and  of their dignity. Return the spirituality to Africa by returning all the looted works,” he said.

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