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Banditry and the Battle for Peace in Kaduna State

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Bandits shattered the tranquility of Buba, a village in the Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State, in a shocking turn of events. They launched an attack and abducted no less than 60 individuals.

The police authorities are yet to officially confirm the incident. However, Abubakar Buda, the ward’s representative, has shared some disturbing details with the media. He revealed that the horrifying event unfolded in the early hours of Tuesday, catching the villagers off guard in their sleep.

The bandits, he explained, swarmed the community in large numbers, moving swiftly from one house to another. Their strategy involved random firing, which instilled fear and chaos among the villagers.

In the midst of this terrifying ordeal, the military intervened promptly, preventing the bandits from taking more hostages. Despite this, some villagers were not so fortunate, suffering injuries in their desperate attempts to escape the assailants.

Following this audacious act of violence, security forces have taken position in the area to prevent these ruthless bandits from launching any further attacks.

This distressing incident follows closely on the heels of another tragic event that occurred just five days earlier. Bandits had stormed the Kuriga community in the Chikun Local Government Area. During this raid, a staggering 287 students from LEA Primary School and Government Secondary School were taken hostage, underscoring the growing security crisis confronting communities in Kaduna State.

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