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Embracing Unity – Onitsha Community Annual Thanksgiving

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Onitsha community in Lagos comprised of Onitsha Improvement Union Lagos Chapter (OIU) led by Mr Emenike Achutebe, Onitsha Improvement Chapter Union Badagary led by Nonso Obunse , Ikporo Onitsha led by Mrs Felicia Udemba and Onitsha Ado Youth Movement led by Nwamulunanma Ibekwe held their annual thanksgiving at St. Mary’s Catholic Church Isolo on February 4, 2024.

The thanksgiving started with the holy mass at about 11 am. Large crowds gathered for Thanksgiving at the Seminary Catholic Church. Rev. Father Philip Egbuniwe, an Onitsha native, praised the city’s beauty and welcomed fellow Onitsha members warmly. Bread, wine, and a ram were offered in gratitude, drawing a sizable turnout.

The Abiaulor cultural drum ensemble, fused with gospel music, delighted attendees during the thanksgiving procession, ushering in the different unions and setting a joyous atmosphere. Sir A.B.C Ekweogwu from Onitsha highlighted the event, emphasizing culture and unity.

The reception took place at the Domus Maria event center. Opening prayers led by Rev. Father preceded the offering of cola nuts to titled men. The president general then broke the cola nut after fervent prayers. Mr. Henry Onukwuba of Lagos Business School led the Onitsha anthem ‘ANI ONICHA KANGA’.

Inland Town covered the event, featuring Mr. Ernest Onyejekwe, the second vice president of OIU Lagos Chapter. He equally posited that this year will be better than last year.

The president-general discussed the upcoming Onitsha Improvement Union centenary celebration in a brief interview, urging all chapters to prepare and offering prayers.

The president of Onitsha youth movement also had an interview with inland town and he talked about the growth of youths and empowering youths and he also mentioned that they were going to have a youth conference coming up later in the year and encouraged the youths to participate. He spoke about the challenges they had which was funding and collaboration.

Mr. Anthony Chuka Akosa, interviewed as well, expressed optimism for a better economy this year following a tough last year. Mr. Akunne Lloyd, chairman of the planning committee, organized the event.

President Mr. Emenike Achutebe thanked everyone for their support and urged them to maintain the community spirit. He reminded them of the chapter’s major projects, including land acquisition. He highlighted that support is needed and thanked those that have responded through donations. The second project is the scholarship program that will benefit Onitsha indigent students and encouraged members to key in to support the scholarship through donations.

The event ended late in the evening in harmony with closing prayers.



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