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Embracing Global Horizons: Filmmaker Busigu Explores Nigeria’s Youth And Promising Future In New Docu-Film

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Norman Busigu orchestrated and executed five flawless screenings in the UK and France for his documentary “Nigeria: Can Its Youth Shape Its Future?”

Norman’s “Screening Season” spanned three weeks in October and November 2023. Prior to this, the documentary received significant support from top African media outlets, including Channels TV, Pulse, Starr103.5 FM, GhOne TV, and Metro TV.

Norman Busigu is a British-Ugandan, award-winning (independent) Filmmaker, Media Broadcaster and published fashion Model. The increasing recognition of Norman as “Africa’s Modern Storyteller” stems from his pioneering work in film/media across Africa.

Norman’s groundbreaking documentary traces his journey from London to Lagos in July 2023, exploring the crucial role of Nigerian youth in shaping the nation’s future.

Despite challenges, Norman sees Nigeria’s potential as a global force, with youth playing a vital role.

He explores through interviews, analysis, and Lagos visits, unveiling Nigerians’ vision and the youth’s role.

Norman’s incredible run of screening events is detailed below:

1) The School of Oriental and African Studies University (17 October 2023)

At a top institution for African studies, Norman aimed to make a strong statement by starting his screening series there. The event was held in collaboration with their Student Union/Afro-Caribbean Society.

2) Queen Mary University London (21 October 2023)

Norman, a proud alum of this university, aimed to return and share messages from Africa as a way of giving back to the community that gave so much to him.

3) The World Premiere Screening Event at the Lexi Cinema (28 October 2023)

This was the landmark screening event, taking place in North-West London, where Norman is from. The event featured speeches, Q&A with Norman Busigu, art by Photographer Keleenna Onyeaka, and a performance by Musician/Artist Kvngs, hosted by veteran Presenter Anna-Marie ‘AMD’ Descartes.

4) Soho House, Paris (France) (4 November 2023)

This event marked Norman’s first international film screening – a significant milestone in his journey as a filmmaker. The large Parisian audience warmly received Norman, engaging in a Q&A session that extended for over two hours after the documentary ended!

5) Soho House, White City (London, UK) (11 November 2023)

This event marked a full-circle moment for Norman, returning to the venue where he hosted his inaugural film screening in June 2022 for his first Docu-Film on Ghana.

Norman strategically launched Screening Season in October, aligning with the UK’s Black History Month. This complements Norman’s focus on exploring Nigeria and Africa’s past, present, and future, emphasizing their vast potential.

Norman aims to globally expand his film through broad press coverage and dynamic screenings worldwide..

Long-term, Norman aspires to travel across Africa, creating high-value documentaries showcasing the beauty, stories, and truths of the continent. Norman has long felt that Western media tends not to portray Africa most favourably.

Norman combats negative stereotypes by creating entertaining, educational, and inspiring documentaries from a fresh, youthful perspective. He aims to challenge Africa misconceptions, build a community, and encourage experiencing the Motherland through Docu-Films.

Produced by The Milade Films in Nigeria, with DJ Reckyy/Lamarr Campbell for post-production, the documentary partners with Jendaya, featuring an original soundtrack by British-Nigerian Artist Kvngs.

Norman builds on the success of his second Docu-Film, “Ghana: Africa’s Exciting Entry Point?” Neither has been publicly released.


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