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“Chill with The Big Boys” Singer, Goya Menor Acquires Range Rover

by Nuel Emuebie
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The next generation needs a leverage to build on, a plan and pivot to achieve dreams. The Future is guaranteed with empowering the children , teens and youths of today to be the leaders of tomorrow. We are opportuned to affect lives positively and to change the orientation of the next generation from cradle stage , mid and even early adult stages. 

In doing this, we need to be able to encourage skills, talents and varying forms of art , that can make individuals employers of Labour while they fulfill their dreams. As much as in the past , many people had reservations about being in entertainment or sports, but things have began to change as many success has come out from people following their dreams . With a hit song , Goya Menor , has been able to buy himself a new Range Rover , after his song became a massive hit during the felicitation period last December. This clearly shows that dreams are valid, if you follow through .

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