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Breaking News: CKC School In Anambra, Nigeria, Emerges Victorious Over USA And Turkey To Secure Top Spot In Global Competition.

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Wednesday, April 10 2024 marks a historic moment for Onitsha, Anambra, Nigeria, as Christ the King College (CKC) achieves a remarkable victory at the esteemed World Affairs Challenge (WAC) 2024. Representing Nigeria on the global stage, CKC Onitsha secures the prestigious first-place position, marking the nation’s inaugural gold win in the competition’s 32-year history.

Organized by WorldDenver, the World Affairs Challenge empowers high school students to devise innovative solutions for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This year’s focus encompassed critical issues such as climate change, poverty, and inequality.

Under the guidance of their coach, Mr. John Onuigbo, CKC Onitsha’s team comprising Ekufu Ernest, Obuna Somtochukwu, Umeodinka Emmanuel, Ejike Ekene, and Ubah Jason, captivated the judges with their impactful project, “Wise Tales by Primus.” This digital comic series addresses pressing concerns including environmental degradation, climate change, and substance abuse, aiming to raise awareness and incite positive change among youth.

The journey for CKC Onitsha began at the African Regional Competition, where they emerged as the highest-scoring Nigerian team and ranked within the top five in Africa. Advancing to the virtual global finals, the team’s profound understanding and impassioned presentation during the final Q&A session left an indelible mark on the judges. Praising the team’s exceptional performance, the judges commended their innovative approach, stating, “Excellent presentation and application of SMART indexes with extraordinary action plans for global outreach through language translation and website creative solutions dynamics. This is innovative, creative, and illustrious.”

CKC Onitsha is officially crowned the World Affairs Challenge 2024 Global Champion, surpassing competitors from across the globe. Redmond High School, WA, USA, and TEVITÖL High School, Turkey, secured third and second place, respectively.

Reflecting on this monumental win, Rev. Fr. Celestine Arinze Okafor, the school principal, expressed, “CKC Onitsha’s triumph transcends mere competition. It signifies the remarkable potential and innovative spirit of Nigerian youth, who not only clinched a historic victory but also inspired others to confront global challenges with ingenuity and commitment. These young men deserve unwavering support as they endeavor to expand and promote their project to millions of users.”

In a further celebration of their achievement, the CKC Onitsha team will journey to Denver, Colorado, USA, later this month for the award ceremony. There, they will have the opportunity to showcase their project to a global audience and forge connections with fellow young leaders.

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