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ASUU Strike Opinion: An Idle Man Is A Devil’s Workshop

by Austin Areh
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The ASUU strike has had so much effect on the Nigerian youths. Many people have complained that this lingering change has made interest in school drop.

With their boys and daughters at home alone due to the never-ending strike, too many parents and families are suffering through unimaginable hardship.

Many of the young people have turned to criminal activity, which includes, among other things, abduction, ritual killing, prostitution, drug addiction, and Yahoo-Yahoo.

The EFCC has just discovered a new task: raiding and apprehending hundreds of youngsters who have turned to criminality as a result of the ongoing ASUU strike. The list of arrests is extensive.

According to reports, EFCC agents from the Abuja Zonal Command recently detained thirty accused online fraudsters. According to a statement from the anti-graft agency’s spokesperson, Wilson Uwujaren, the suspects were detained on Tuesday, June 14, 2022, in the Abuja neighborhoods of Kubwa and Lugbe.

In a separate case, EFCC agents detained 140 alleged Yahoo boys in Lagos. According to reports, the suspects were apprehended in separate undercover operations at well-known hotels in Ikorodu, Lagos State, as a result of reliable information about their participation in internet-related fraud.

Four of the suspects were freed, according to the commission, whose spokesperson, Wilson Uwujaren, said in a statement that nothing incriminating had been discovered on them.
Once more, agents of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC Benin )’s Zonal Command recently detained 31 yahoo boys—also known as suspected online fraudsters—at their residences in Benin.

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These few mentioned crimes is just the tip of what idle youths have resulted to, and these crimes happen everywhere. Young people detained for a variety of charges are crowded into the detention facilities. There needs to be action taken in response to the ongoing ASUU strikes.

The interminable and destructive ASUU strike by university teachers has led thousands of young people down a destructive path because President Muhammadu Buhari failed to use his executive authority as the Commander-in-Chief to put an end to it.

How much is ASUU asking for that the President could not order to be released to settle this nagging issue? The fact that young people in Nigeria have experienced unimaginable misery as a result of a corrupt system that affects the education sector has outraged the whole globe.

ASUU is a union that works to advance the cause of Nigerians attending universities there while also looking out for the welfare and interests of its members.

It is alarming that the harsh and irresponsible Nigerian system has left an entire generation of young people to waste away without a future. Children who ought to be at school are wallowing in despair. Why doesn’t the government care about the wellbeing of these young people?

The nation’s colleges were closed under this administration’s watch, setting the futures of thousands of young people on a catastrophic course. History will not be kind to this government.

President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration and ASUU were both engaged in an ongoing strike when President Buhari assumed office in 2015. Buhari arrived and put an end to the strike with an air of a savior. Contrary to popular belief, there would most likely be an ASUU strike under Buhari.

According to statistics currently available, the Academic Staff Union of Institutions’ recurrent strikes have cost undergraduate students in universities across the nation at least 13 months of their academic year (ASUU).

This explains why the institutions’ output is just halfway decent. Is it strange that diplomas earned from colleges in Nigeria are not recognized abroad?

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