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Asaba Community Prepares For The Festival Of Sacrifice “Ichu Aja” On August 25

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It may interest you to know that the 2022 annual festivals in Asaba actually commenced on May 15, 2022, with the ‘Ilo-Onishe’ festival. The annual festivals will, however, run through five whole months and terminate on October 20, 2022, with the ‘Igbaji Eke Agu Na Ajaji’.

Asagba of Asaba

One prominent figure in Asaba that promotes Ahaba culture and traditions with untiring zeal and passion is the Traditional Prime Minister ‘Iyase’ of Asaba Kingdom, Obi Patrick Isioma Goodluck Onyeobi.

Onyeobi as a legend that has transcended generations, is a people’s delight in terms of leadership prowess, administrative acumen, knowledge, and custody of ancient cultures and traditions. He was a renowned Head of Service and Secretary to the Government of Bendel State. He is recognized as the master designer of the Asaba Masterplan, thereby earning him the honor and privilege of being referred to as the architect of modern Asaba.

At 89, Obi P.I.G. Onyeobi has remained a cultural colossus, a desired traditional figure in every Ahaba annual festival, and one who keenly with every sense of responsibility and dexterity, has continued to observe the laid down traditions of his forebears.

Due to his accessible personality and sterling leadership qualities, he has continued to attract friendship across various segments of the media, to the effect that it is always a pleasure engaging in media coverage of Asaba annual festivals because of Obi Onyeobi.

Like every other year, his friends in the media have continued to reach out to him for adequate knowledge of various traditional rites being performed by the people of Asaba in preparation for the main festivals of the season.

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On this note, the Asaba Chief Bureau of the Inland Town Media Network had reached out to him to get the annual festival timetable and other sundry information that are capable of equipping him and forming an informed opinion about the 2022 rites and rituals of the festivals.

Nevertheless, be informed that in the Ahaba community, apart from the celebration of the ‘Ichu Ulor’ festival which holds every two years and had already taken place on the 27th of July, the ‘Ichu Aja’, otherwise known as the festival of sacrifice will hold on the 25th of August, 2022.

While Agbakulor (Ichu Ulor) is performed at night with fire, known as the festival of house purification; the Ichu Aja symbolizes sacrifice which will be done during the day by Traditional Obis and community elders of Asaba with food and drinks for merry-making.

Obi Onyeobi is in high spirit, awaiting the arrival of the day to make sacrifices to the gods of Ahaba and his Ancestors for keeping the community intact in unity, peace, and sustenance of life of her people. This will be celebrated at the family house being a household ritual where every son and daughter of each particular family would have to return home to participate in making sacrifices to their forebears, for the positive things already done for them and those yet to be done. In all, it is about the prayers for life, progress, and protection against evils.

Watch out for more on different festivals in Anioma.

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