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All You Need To Know About Jollof And Palmie

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The Jollof and Palmie is back again with another dose of fun, food, networking, gaming, feasting, chilling, and much more.
This year, Bikers with the attitude and determination, also known as the ‘bad gang’ is here with Jollof and Palmie 4: Motor Bikes and food feast.

It is a social event of the group aimed at creating an avenue for non-bikers to interact with group members and other super-motorcycle riders (Bikers) across Africa.

The event is going to take place on the 7th of August at Muri Okunola Park Ozumba Mbadiwe Road, Lagos, LA.
It is centered on African motorbikes and delicacies. Giving you the showcase of top African bikers, while you have some Jollof and Palmie. Nothing hits better than African Jollof, mixed with some fun people, vibing, biking, and the sweet taste of fresh palm wine.

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What is in Jollof and palmie (4)?

Jollof and palmie is focused on allowing the motorcycle community to showcase their esthetics, at the same time non-riders get to network, learn the intricacies of riding and have a feel of the most beautiful motorcycles in Africa.

The event also stands as an avenue to explore and experience the cultural diversity across the West-African coast and showcase Africa’s culinary excellence as various chefs exhibit their brilliant skills.

It brings African tradition in a fun and exciting way. Ordinary our indigenous ‘Jollof and Palmie has nothing to do with biking, however, bringing a blend of this seemingly opposite element symbolizes an attempt at western and African lifestyle.


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About the Organizer: Bikers with Attitude and Determination.

Bad gang is a group of upstanding members with a diverse range of professionals across several disciplines and several continents.
The group was established in 2016; its vision and mission are to strengthen the relationship between the riding community and the public through engagement and charity activities. They look to become a globally recognized charity-focused motorcycle group.

Attendance is free, all you have to do is register here You can also reach them on:

INSTAGRAM: @badgang_ng | @jollofandpalmie | @bgcares
TWITTER: @badgang_ng

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