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Rev. Fr. Mbaka On Biafra Again IPOB Replies

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Father Mbaka said that he would support the Biafra agitation and demonstrations if the chieftains behind them come out to lead the struggle.

The Sun reports that the cleric made this known to the public while speaking during the launch of new products, Rapha Groundnut Oil, Rapha Soya Oil and Rapha Carbonated Drinks, produced by his company, Aqua Rapha Investment Limited.

According to him, the ongoing protest may snowball into a huge crises of the scale associated with the Boko Haram Sect. if not curtailed now. The cleric also warned Nigerians in his speech that Pro-Biafra Protest are capable of scaring away investors from the region.

“If this nation collapses, it is on us all and if things go well, it is for our own good. I want you to know that if there is any of you here that is oppressed, we are being oppressed too. What I am begging is that things should be done in a right way. Because, if we continue like this, all the visions the governors of Igbo land have: vision for employment and economic diversification, will be frustrated”. he added.

“No investor can come into a city filled with crises. So where ever you are saying, “Let the protesters move on”, the only way I can support it is when you join them.

The Man Of God advised youth in the south-east and the South-South to go back to their business as the protests could lead to their deaths. In a swift response, Uche Mefor, the deputy leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, fired back at the cleric stressing that “Biafra is more than money!”.

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