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‘Valentine’s Message For Her’ Tops Google Trends Search In Nigeria: What Does This Imply?

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While Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day for both partners to express their love and appreciation for each other, the top Google trends query, ‘Valentine’s message for her’ suggests that the focus of the holiday is shifting toward women.

With this knowledge, is it safe to agree that the world is female, as some people claim?

Before we dive into the question at hand, let’s take a look back at the history of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to celebrating love, has been a part of our culture for centuries. the day is named after Saint Valentine, a Christian martyr who was executed for performing secret marriages for soldiers who were forbidden to marry.

Legend has it that he sent a love letter to his jailer’s daughter signed “from your Valentine” before he was executed.

However, as time went by, Valentine’s Day took on a different meaning. It has now become associated with the celebration of love, romance, and relationships.

This special day which is celebrated annually on February 14th worldwide has been found to have women as the focus. This is based on Google trends prior to Valentine’s Day which has ‘Valentine’s message for her’ as the number one search query.

The Google trend statistic is just a testament to how the celebration of Valentine’s Day has shifted more largely in favor of women. And from the search query, one can conclude that Nigerian men are going out of their way to make the lover’s day a grand celebration for the women in their lives.

Getting the perfect gift and words that truly express how men feel about their significant other can be burdensome, hence the need to turn to the internet for suggestions on the best gift, messages, and special treats to drive home their affection for their loved ones.

It’s no surprise that when it comes to the celebration of this special day, women are always at the receiving end. From romantic dinners to greeting cards, pieces of jewellery, and flowers, all these have women as their major beneficiaries.

Valentine's message for her - women rule the world giphyAlso, advertisements, marketing campaigns for Valentine’s Day, social media sales, and valentine’s Day gift ideas are all curated in favour of women.

Shall we then say that the special attention received by women as different from men on Valentine’s Day is due to the biological and societal factors placed on both genders?

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Men are expected to be the providers and protectors, while women are expected to be nurturers and caregivers. Hence, while women are viewed as the weaker vessel who need to be pampered and spoiled especially on Valentine’s Day, men on the other hand, are expected to buy expensive gifts and make grand gestures to show their love and affection towards their significant other.

This is not to say that men are completely left out of the celebration, but by societal standards, men are not expected to express any form of romantic desire or demand for a Valentine’s Day gift, they are meant to be the providers of those needs.

While this is debatable, many women recently, see the reason to reciprocate their partner’s kind gesture during valentine’s Day. Some go as far as sending, romantic messages, planning a romantic dinner, and getting their partner some gift items.

As thoughtful as this may sound, ‘Valentine’s message for her’ topped Google trends result while queries like ‘Valentine’s message for him’ or any other male-specific searches were nowhere near the top ten searches in Google trends.

Other Google searches geared towards women include Non-cheesy valentine’s Day gift for her; Hot Valentine’s Day Gift for her; Valentine’s Day surprise for her; Expensive Valentine’s Day Gift for her; among others.

On the other way round, hilarious searches such as Last-minute Valentine’s Day Gift for him; What gift do guys like for Valentine’s Day; etc made up what people, who knows who, are searching for, for men. 

The world is indeed female!Valentine's message for her giphyHowever, no matter what the Google search trends is saying, it is important to note that Valentine’s Day is not only for couples but for everyone.

People can take advantage of this day to express love and appreciation for family, friends, and even pets.

The focus on Valentine’s Day for women should not take away from the holiday’s ability to bring joy and happiness to all individuals. This day can be an opportunity to show gratitude for the people who have been there for us and made a difference in our lives.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Sharing this post means a lot to us in a time like this. Sharing is love!

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