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Top Ten February 2024 Festivals

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Top 10 February 2024 Festivals

As the calendar flips to February 2024, a vibrant tapestry of festivals unfolds around the globe, promising an array of cultural celebrations, music-filled extravaganzas, and artistic showcases.

In this curated list, we present the Top Ten February 2024 Festivals that beckon travelers and enthusiasts alike to join in the festivities and immerse themselves in the rich diversity of global traditions.

Whether you seek the rhythmic beats of carnival drums or the mesmerizing allure of illuminated parades, these festivals promise an unforgettable journey into the heart of cultural expression and communal joy.

Echoes of Earth
Goa, India
February 2 – February 4
Since launching in Bangalore in 2016, Echoes of Earth has themed each edition around ecological issues in an attempt to raise environmental awareness through music. From solar-powered stages to upcycled art installations of wild creatures, there are many reasons why the no-plastic event calls itself India’s greenest festival. This year, it expands to the beach state of Goa, where its conservation and sustainability priorities will take even greater focus–leading up to the three-day event, various workshops, talks and expeditions are planned to celebrate the region’s rich biodiversity. Musically, there’s something for everyone, from Kareem Ali’s Afrofuturistic house music to Shubostar’s cosmic techno and the electronic jazz stylings of Indonesia’s Batavia Collective.

UHT² Club Festival
Zürich, Switzerland
February 3 – February 5
Zürich label and promoter Schampar Scheps is bringing back its UHT party—only this time it’s twice as nice. Billed as a club festival, the two-day event will run from Saturday evening through Monday morning across Exil and Kauz, two of the city’s leading underground venues, just 20 minutes walk from one another. Start out at Exil on Saturday night for a blowout with Lolsnake and MRD before switching it up on Sunday at Kauz with a host of international favourites, like Radiant Love-affiliated sibling duo S-candalo and local talent Jenny Cara. Other highlights include DJ AYA, Maricas cofounder ISAbella and Marie Malarie.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
February 8 – February 12
Mexican festival Somos returns for 2024 to a balmy private beach a boat ride away from Puerto Vallarta. The 2023 edition was praised for its locally focused lineup, the attentive care of its trans attendees and the kind of sensual energy that only occurs naturally. Somos isn’t just a tropical playground; the team aims to offer its guests the opportunity to relish in Latin diasporic sounds with the promise of comfort and support. This year, the bill brings together artists and performers from Mexico, Colombia, the US and Canada, encompassing everything from the retro house of Vicki Powell to the raging rhythms of Yakuzzi & Bruja Prieta.

Far Out Left
Mumbai/Goa, India
February 9 – February 11
If you’re looking for ravey electro, spacey acid and highly textured techno in India, Regenerate Music is your best bet. Each year, the veteran promoter–which has brought the likes of Aurora Halal, DJ Nobu and Parrish Smith to Mumbai–distils a core sound palette into its annual festival, Far Out Left. For the fourth edition, the event will spread across Mumbai and Goa with a blistering lineup of international and local names, including Jeff Mills, Dauwd, Marcel Dettmann, Maryisonacid, Akua and DJ Red. This should be a high-voltage affair of seriously good dance music, so strap in for the ride.

Morelos, Mexico
February 16 – February 18
Mexico’s Bahidorá festival champions sustainable practice and freedom of expression. This year’s 13th edition will put into place several changes based on customer feedback–proof that the organisers have their community at heart. Reduced capacity, more creative daytime activities and improved camping are among the tweaks for a more spacious, diverse and comfortable experience. Returning to Las Estacas, a natural water park in Morelos about two hours from Mexico City, the 2024 edition will feature performances from the likes of BADSISTA, Rosa Pistola, muscle cars, DJ Babatr and Flying Lotus, all while offsetting 100 per cent of its carbon footprint.

Astropolis l’Hiver
Brest, France
February 21 – February 25
Astropolis became France’s first electronic music festival when it launched in 1995. In 2012, the summer festival that brought thousands to the Keroual Forest and Brest’s cultural venues expanded to include a winter edition. This year, the five-day winter programme features a packed schedule of workshops, dance performances and live ambient sets, as well as club nights. This year, some of the world’s most in-demand DJs and live acts—SHERELLE, Animalistic Beliefs, KiNK–will perform.

Simple Things
Bristol, United Kingdom
February 23 – February 29
Bristol festival Simple Things returns for the first time since 2019, just in time to celebrate its ten-year anniversary. Billed as “a week-long exploration of contemporary music culture,” the sprawling event will take over eight venues, with Saturday, February 24th, hosting the main day-to-night programme from 2 PM through 6 AM. During the day—at Bristol Beacon, SWX, Strange Brew, Rough Trade and The Sportsmans—catch performances from the likes of Giant Swan, George Riley, Nadia Struiwigh, Rainy Miller and Nkisi, while the night programme—at Lakota, Coroners Courts and Strange Brew—will feature plenty of local heroes (Daisy Moon back-to-back Danielle, Ellie Stokes, Facta), as well as DJ Python, Josey Rebelle, K-LONE and more.

Auckland, New Zealand
February 23 – February 25
Set against the picturesque shores of Tāpapakanga Regional Park, Splore is one of New Zealand’s most enduring and well-known music and arts festivals. Located 70 kilometres south of Auckland, the three-day event places just as much priority on the visual aspect as the music—fancy dress is encouraged. To complement the art installations, this year’s lineup combines the finest local talent, including HALFQUEEN and Lady Shaka, with big names from further afield such as Sampha, Greentea Peng and Lil C.

Melbourne, Australia
February 24
Daybreak is a one-day festival at Abbots Convent, a former women’s shelter in Melbourne that’s now a buzzing cultural and arts community hub. Held across historic buildings and gardens, the third edition will include, for the first time, shows in The Rosina Auditorium, a grand hall from the 1930s. While the lineup features international names like Angel D’lite, Bitter Babe and Kasper Marrott, the focus is on championing the best of the Australian underground, with slots for Kia, Kasun, DJ Plead, Soju Gang and more. As always, there will also be a strong community aspect. Local radio station Skylab returns for 2024 to curate The Oratory stage, and there will also be a pop-up market with more than 30 local sellers.

Graz, Austria
February 28 – March 3
Elevate Festival, which takes place in Austria’s second city, Graz, has cultivated a reputation as a hub of unbridled experimentation. Aside from a rich music and arts programme, what separates it from other festivals is the broad schedule of political discourse. (Julian Assange and Slavoj Žižek are among the long list of past notable speakers—this year’s bill includes Canadian writer Nick Srnicek and Heart of Code’s Tabea Glindemann.) On a musical tip, the 2024 edition will celebrate 20 years in style, welcoming sets from the likes of Helena Hauff, Hudson Mohawke and Simo Cell, plus a showcase from the ever-innovative UK label Hyperdub.


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