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Top Nigerian TV Series And Sitcoms Of All Time

by InlandTown Editor
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A Nigerian TV Series/ Sitcom poster

Back in the ’80s and early ’90s, TV wasn’t just a gadget; it was a portal to the essence of Nigerian living.

From the hilarious comedies that had us rolling on the floor, the dramas that felt like a mirror reflecting our daily hustle, and the moments that glued us to the TV, bonding with family and friends, these Nigerian TV series and sitcoms were must-watched in every Nigerian home.

Now, let’s take a look at some of these iconic TV series and sitcoms that made our childhood. 

(1) Papa Ajasco & Company: Created by Wale Adenuga Productions, Papa Ajasco & Company is a 1996 comedy series that would have you rolling on the floor. It revolved around a womanising bald villain who often hits his head continuously when he’s really surprised at something.
A poster of Papa Ajasco, a Nigerian TV Series/ Sitcom
(2) Everyday People: A drama series of the early 20s, Everyday People was produced by Tajudeen Adepetu. It was a TV show that had a mix of comedy, suspense, and emotional moments mirroring the daily lives of a middle-class Nigerian family and their neighbours.
Everyday People, a Nigerian TV Series/ Sitcom
(3) Super Story: While not a traditional sitcom, “Super Story” is a 2001 Nigerian TV drama series created by Wale Adenuga Productions. The show delivered captivating tales filled with humour and suspense focusing on societal issues.
Super Story. a Nigerian TV Series/ Sitcom
(4) New Masquerade: This was a Nigerian sitcom which aired from the late 80s till the mid 90s. Produced by James Iroha, it was aired after the Civil War to restore laughter to Nigerian homes and as a tool to help them recover from the after-effects of the war.
New Masquerade, a Nigerian TV Series/ Sitcom (5) The Village Headmaster: Nigerian longest-running soap opera, this drama series ran from 1968 to 1988. It stands as the first significant drama to bring together cast from the different ethnic groups in Nigeria. The show was announced to return in 2022 after about 34 years off-screen.
The Village Headmaster(6) Ripples: The ‘Ripple effect this soap opera was witnessed in the late 80s to early 90s’ having run for 5 years uninterrupted. Produced by Zeb Ejiro, it was indeed one of the ‘not-to-be-missed’ shows in every Nigerian home.
Ripples (7) Things Fall Apart: This was an adaptation of the iconic novel by Chinua Achebe. This miniseries was produced by NTA in 1987 and features stellar actors like Chief Pete Edochie, Nkem Owoh, and the Late Sam Loco, amongst others,
Things Fall Apart(8) I Need to Know: This was a popular Nigerian TV series that aired from 1997 to 2002 sponsored by the United Nations Population Fund. Featuring the Yoruba stage queen, Funke Akindele, it was an educative show which aimed to address and create awareness about reproductive health and HIV/AIDS among young people with a focus on the lives of a group of students in a secondary school.
I need to known(9) Cock Crow at Dawn: This was a tv series of the early 80s. sponsored by UBA to raise awareness among Nigerians about the benefits of investing in farming.
Cock Crow at DawnGen Z, sit this one out! Gen X and Millennials, which of these iconic TV series do you remember and which was your favourite (s)? Leave your answer in the comments section.

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