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Our Mother, HRM Obi Martha Dunkwu Transits To Eternal Glory

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Obi Anioma

18th February, 2024.
Press Statement

With joy in our hearts for a life well lived; a life of service to Anioma Nation, Delta State, Nigeria and Africa, we announce the glorious transition of our dearly beloved mother, Omu Okpanam/Omu Anioma/Nneoha to an eternal resting place.

Her Royal Majesty, Obi Martha Dunkwu left this planet Earth to be with her Maker and Ancestors.

Until her transition, she reigned as the Omu of Okpanam, Omu Anioma and Nneoha, a position for which she distinguished herself as a champion of Anioma Culture and Mother To All and Mother Without Borders.

We are not mourning but celebrating her life and times, because she came, she saw and she conquered all forces to fulfil her purpose on earth. Then she left an indelible mark on the sand of time, in terms of culture, tradition and humanitarian services.

For those who loved Omu Anioma dearly, they would miss her dearly. All culture-loving people of the world will miss her, the various academic communities will miss her, the business world under the umbrella of NACCIMA will miss her, the Media Constituency will miss her, the Traditional Institutions will miss her and of course, those representing diverse interests in government will miss her.

She was a jolly good fellow and an inspiration to behold. Her leadership prowess and mentoring had changed mindsets and orientations towards good governance and inclusive leadership.

Good night Great One.

Afamefuna Dunkwu-Okafor (Son),
For the Family.

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