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Israeli Lawmakers Propose Bill To Ban Talks About Jesus

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Israeli Parliament

The Israeli Knesset has introduced a bill that seeks to prohibit all efforts to spread the message of Jesus Christ.

If approved, the new legislation would result in a one-year prison sentence for anyone found talking about Jesus in Israel, with the punishment increasing to two years if the conversation is with a minor.

The proposed legislation aims to outlaw all efforts by people of one faith to discuss or persuade people of other faiths to consider changing their religious beliefs, and would apply to conversations with Israelis of any religion.

However, the bill’s official explanation specifically emphasizes the warning to stop Christians from sharing their faith.

The primary objective of the bill appears to be making it illegal for followers of Jesus to explain why they believe that Jesus is both the Messiah and God with the hope that Israelis might consider following Him.

This bill not only makes personal conversations about Jesus a crime but also outlaws soliciting a person, either directly or online, to convert to Christianity.

This legislation would make it illegal to publish books, articles, podcasts, or other forms of media that explain the life and ministry of Jesus and His message found in the New Testament.

It would also prohibit answering questions initiated by people who don’t follow Jesus via email, text messages, written letters, or social media.

The bill’s potential implications have sparked concerns from Evangelical Christians in the United States and around the world, who are among the biggest supporters of the State of Israel.

The legislation could also draw sharp criticism from both Republicans and Democrats in Congress, the executive branch, among U.S. governors, and others who love Israel and have always stood with the Jewish state but would fiercely oppose efforts to silence followers of Jesus in the Holy Land.

Former U.S. Ambassador of International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback has publicly warned that the bill poses a massive threat to free speech, human rights, and religious freedom.

If approved, the bill would not only restrict Christian expression in Israel but also impact the country’s relationship with its biggest ally, the United States, and its allies worldwide.

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