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Ibu Ego Ozo of Anthony Chukwunonso Okosi of Ogbe Abu village, Onitsha (Pictures)

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Ezeozo Nonso Okosi
Today December 21, 2015 marks the beginning of the historic journey to the initiation into Agbalanze for Anthony Chukwunonso Okosi.
Ichi Ozo, Ozo title taking in Onitsha as a wholesome event that starts with Ibu ego ozo, a process where a new initiate makes a financial commitment to his title and becomes Eze Ozo .

Ezeozo siiting beside his father Akunwata Okosi
Okosi, a public servant with Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) said the title taking is necessary owing to Onitsha’s tradition of upholding the honour of family and kindred ; hence the need to boost the image of the family and kindred is a major driving force.


“I feel excited because it is an honour first to join my dad and kindred in the roll-call of this prestigious title – Agbalanze,” he added.
“The title takes me above my peers and gives me more responsibilities to my immediate society. With God on our side this will turn out well.”

Presentation of wine to the new initiate by his     Diokpa
Ceremonies like this become grand when both parents are alive, Akunwata Victor Anyaegbuna Okosi who by this event will automatically become Ugonabo and Onyechiboleze Carol Okosi are present to up the ante.

Presentation of wine to the new initiate by the    father

The process starts with the welcoming of Ozo title men from the family who converge for the sake of their new family member being initiated, they greet by hitting their Osusu, staff three times on the ground before handing it over to the Diokpa.

The entire Ibu ego Ozo therefore is a long process of series of prayers to the gods, the ancestors and prayer for blessings both on celebrants, children, family members, relatives, friends who are present to witness the occasion.

In the process, the financial undertaking which of course is the reason for the first day’s event was perform through cash presentation before Ezeozo was called out in all white attire to join his kinsmen to perform Omumu rite. Ezeozo, because he has not been formally pronounced with a title name, Afa Ozo.

Diopka praying with Omumu while Ezeozo looks on

Omumu is the special wine made from corn and palm wine during Ozo title taking. It is prepared for the new initiate for use in performing his first activity, basically for blessing his immediate and extended family while sitting on a hide.

Towards the end, Omumu wine was used by the Diokpa and celebrant, Ezeozo for blessing as a precursor to the formal outing where he presented himself to the public in his new status.

Lavish entertainment followed immediately

The Mmacha na Ozo will take place on Thursday 24th Dec, 2015.

Okey Obiozor


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