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Gusimbuka urukiramende ( The High Jump)

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In Rwanda, Gusimbuka urukiramende or the High Jump was a game that was enjoyed by both young and old alike. Children would set up poles and sticks to compete against each other, with the competition varying based on age groups. Even young shepherds would take a break from their livestock duties to play the game, before heading back home with their cattle in the evenings.

The high jump was a particularly significant sport that was deeply ingrained in the nation’s cultural heritage. Men would often leap over incredible heights, showcasing their impressive physical prowess. These displays of strength and agility were typically performed during royal court celebrations, important weddings, and local gatherings of significance.

Before the advent of modern sports such as football, basketball, and volleyball, Africa was home to a number of ancient games that commanded great popularity and respect. Sadly, these sports have been lost over time and are now largely forgotten.

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