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Ghana Set To Host Inaugural International Choreography Festival

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International Choreography Festival

Van Calebs, the brains behind the International Choreography Festival, is gearing up for the premiere event in September 2024. Collaborating with the US-based dance company BFB Designs under the Van Calebs Empire, the festival is poised to shine a spotlight on diverse African dance cultures.

Set to unfold in Ghana, this dance extravaganza will bring together talented dance groups from across the globe. Van Calebs, a renowned Ghanaian choreographer, emphasizes the festival’s mission to unite dancers from different cultural backgrounds worldwide.

In his words, “This upcoming dance festival is primed to be one of the largest on the African continent, and all systems go for its grand debut in September. The rich tapestry of African dance culture has so much to offer, providing a stage for dancers to showcase their talents. I urge everyone to gear up for this colossal event.”

Van Calebs is optimistic about the festival’s potential to not only elevate Ghana’s tourism but also serve as a networking hub for dancers globally. He expressed their dedication to collaborating with stakeholders in the entertainment industry and corporate bodies to ensure the success of this upcoming spectacle. Get ready for an unforgettable dance fiesta!To

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