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The tournament had eight teams from different villages in Onitsha in participation.

The teams were:

  1. Ogboli Eke
  2. Umuaroli
  3. Ogboli Olosi
  4. Ogbendida
  5. Ogbeoza
  6. Umudei
  7. Ogbeolu United
  8. Obankpa United

Due to the effect of COVID-19, there was careful consideration on if Ado League 2020 would hold or not. Thankfully, Mr Abada Iwuchukwu founder (AIF) saved the day by single handedly sponsoring the year’s tournament with the tag “ADO LEAGUE SUPER8 2020”

The first matches were played on the 10th of December and four teams successfully made it to the Semi Final.

The teams were:

  1. Umuaroli
  2. Ogboli Olosi
  3. Ogbeoza
  4. Ogbeolu United

The Semifinal matches took place on the 21st and 22nd of December. Ogbeoza and Ogbeolu United victoriously made it to the grand finale leaving behind Ogboli Olosi and Umaroli to battle for the third place. After the final match, Ogbeolu United came out as the champions and the top three teams were rewarded:

Ogboli Olosi: bronze medal with cash price of 5ok

Ogbeoza: silver medal with cash price of 150k

Ogbeolu United: Gold medal with cash price of 250k

Adding to the trophies presented to the winning teams, The Referees, Best Defender, Highest Goal Scorer, Best goal keeper were also awarded.

Highest goal scorer: Mr Ik Nwosah

Best goal keeper: Mr Chinedu Ngesina

Best defender: Junior Agha

There were other side attractions after the award presentation such as Food! Refreshments and Dance! Dance! Dance!

Appreciation goes to Mr Abada Iwuchukwu(Founder AIF) for his support in making this possible.

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