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Pioneering The Unthinkable: Anambra’s Bold Move To Unveil A Revolutionary Clinic In The Heart Of Onitsha Market

by InlandTown Editor
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In a groundbreaking collaboration, the Anambra State Government has partnered with the leadership of the Onitsha main market to unveil a revolutionary initiative—a clinic within the bustling market itself.

Dr. Afam Obidike, the State Commissioner for Health, revealed this exciting development to the press in Awka. This visionary clinic marks a historic milestone, not only within the confines of the market but across the entire Southeast region.

Governor Charles Soludo’s healthcare agenda is resolutely marching forward, aiming to ensure every citizen’s access to health services. Dr. Obidike lauds the governor’s unwavering dedication to prioritizing public health across the state.

The commissioner recounted his visit to the potential clinic location, where he witnessed the traders’ needs firsthand. Upon conveying this to Governor Soludo, immediate approval was granted for the clinic’s reconstruction and furnishing—a true testament to the government’s responsiveness.

Governor Soludo himself will personally inaugurate the clinic, underscoring the significance of this initiative. It’s important to note that all healthcare facilities throughout the state will be seamlessly integrated into a telemedicine network. This pioneering approach reflects a commitment to ensuring preventable deaths become a thing of the past due to inadequate healthcare access.

The President-General of the Onitsha Main Market, Chief Innocent Anene, echoes the sentiments of the traders, expressing deep gratitude to the governor. This clinic, he asserts, will significantly alleviate the healthcare challenges confronting the traders and the market community at large.

Chief Anene reaffirms the traders’ unwavering support for the governor’s administration, vowing to champion the success of his policies and initiatives. The President-General’s words reflect the traders’ collective enthusiasm for this transformative healthcare venture.

In summation, the upcoming clinic in Onitsha’s main market is a testament to Governor Soludo’s visionary approach to public health. This collaboration reflects a fusion of government responsiveness and citizens’ needs, paving the way for a healthier tomorrow in Anambra State.

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