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Join Eko Hotels And Suites At The Tropical Christmas Wonderland

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Tropical Christmas Wonderland

Eko Hotels and Suites, a prominent name in Nigeria’s hospitality sector, has recently unveiled an upcoming event titled “Tropical Christmas Wonderland” which is set to take place in the month of December.

Themed: “Bamboo Chronicles,” the event hopes to celebrate African heritage and boost local tourism, while also giving guests an experience they will never forget.

As we usher in the festive season, Eko Hotels and Suites is committed to highlighting the splendor, traditions, and deep-rooted legacy of Africa. The theme “Bamboo Chronicles” has been thoughtfully selected to honor the continent’s varied background and history, promoting a sense of togetherness among attendees.

The Tropical Christmas Wonderland event will feature a variety of attractions including an African Heritage Exhibition that offers guests a chance to delve into and understand Africa’s rich past and traditions through engaging exhibits, art showcases, and historical talks; a range of Culinary Delights; Live Entertainment; Theatre performances; a host of children’s activities at the theme park, and many more thrilling elements.

Speaking about the event, Mrs. Iyadunni Gbadebo, the Director of Sales and Marketing of Eko Hotels and Suites, stated, “We are thrilled to host the ‘Tropical Christmas Wonderland’ with the ‘Bamboo Chronicles’ theme. It’s an opportunity for us to celebrate our African heritage, showcase our unique culture, and promote local tourism. Undoubtedly, our Tropical Christmas Wonderland series is now the biggest African Christmas Celebration on the continent and this year’s event will be mind-blowing”

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