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What if I told you that embracing a ‘fake life’ is not just a choice, but a vital survival tactic in the unforgiving landscape of Lagos?

by InlandTown Editor
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Let’s Dive Deep Into It

There are at least five reasons people live fake lives in Lagos.

People may hesitate to embrace a fabricated existence, viewing it as deceptive or a mask to mislead. But could it actually be a source of confidence and refuge from life’s pressures?

While it is imperative to remember that there exists a boundary that one should not recklessly transgress, here are some compelling motives behind the adoption of artifice in the bustling city of Lagos, where “Eko no dull” is the resounding anthem.

Lagos: Where FOMO Reigns Supreme

In Lagos, the very concept of missing out is anathema. Residents have perfected the art of projecting an image of opulence and extravagance, unabashedly immersing themselves in audacious predicaments such as piling up debt to acquire the latest fashion ensembles, automobiles, and footwear – all in the pursuit of staying firmly ensconced in the ephemeral echelons of trendiness.

While the balance in their bank accounts might manifest a discordant tune, the persona they unveil to the world does not necessarily mirror their true selves. For many, the “fake it till you make it” ethos emerges as an astonishingly efficacious strategy.

It becomes a conduit through which they can emanate an aura of triumph until the day dawns when their once-illusory existence metamorphoses into an authentic reality, rendering pretense superfluous.

Veil of Privacy and Concealment

Living a fabricated life affords a semblance of privacy and a protective shield against prying eyes in a city teeming with gossipmongers and vigilant observers. In a locale where scrutiny is the norm, maintaining a veneer distinct from one’s genuine self can aid in shielding personal affairs from unwelcome scrutiny, allowing individuals to retain a semblance of anonymity.

Fear of Irrelevance

In Lagos, no one wants to be left behind, so they create fake friendships and lifestyles to stay in the spotlight and seem important.

It’s as straightforward as a celebrity abruptly embracing new circles of friends or embracing a diametrically opposed lifestyle to remain a noteworthy and voguish figure in the social panorama.

Networking’s Facade

In Lagos, networking stands as a linchpin of prosperity. Living a spurious existence occasionally paves the way for connections with influential figures who might have initially overlooked one’s authentic self. These connections can serve as portals to career prospects, alliances, and synergies that would otherwise remain beyond reach.

The ‘Chop Life Before Life Chops You’ Credo

Lagosians are virtuosos in the art of relishing life’s pleasures. The saying “chop life before life chops you” speaks to their resilience, adaptability, and knack for finding joy in the chaos of city life.

It serves as a poignant reminder that life, regardless of appearances, ought to be celebrated. It is a clarion call to seize every instant, to exist authentically in the pursuit of joy and contentment amid the cacophony of existence.

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