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Visa launches new initiative to help Gen Z content creators and influencers

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Visa is stepping up its game with the ‘GetP@id’ initiative, geared toward empowering Gen Z creators and influencers in the UAE to transform their passions into thriving careers. This initiative underscores Visa’s commitment to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit of the next generation by bridging the gap between creativity and commerce.

They kicked off with flair by hosting a captivating workshop led by none other than the UAE’s content sensation, Khalid Al Ameri, who commands an astounding 21 million followers across diverse social media platforms. But this wasn’t your typical workshop; it was a rare chance for aspiring creators to delve into Khalid’s wealth of insights. He generously shared his personal journey, revealing the hurdles he surmounted while transforming from a mere hobbyist into a bona fide sensation in the world of content creation.

Visa’s ‘GetP@id’ initiative arrives at a crucial moment, with a recent study revealing that only 2.5% of Gen Z individuals in CEMEA have succeeded in making content creation a sustainable career. This highlights a wealth of untapped talent in our region eager to turn their creative pursuits into professions. Visa’s goal is clear: to build a collaborative ecosystem where emerging creators can learn from experienced experts, paving the way for their success in their chosen fields. By encouraging these creators to transform their passions into livelihoods, Visa is not just promoting financial inclusion and facilitating money movement; they are nurturing the success stories of the future.

Khalid Al Ameri, a vital figure in this transformative endeavor, shares his enthusiasm for empowering young UAE creators to turn their passions into thriving businesses through Visa’s ‘GetP@id.’ It’s about more than just a paycheck—it’s about elevating their craft from passion to profession. Visa’s study reveals that 37% of UAE’s Gen Z already earn from their businesses, underlining the need to support these budding entrepreneurs. Visa’s groundbreaking initiative includes mentorship from established creators, equipping emerging talents with the tools to forge lucrative careers. It’s not just a step forward; it’s a leap for the creators of tomorrow.

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