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Syrian Waters Masquerade Ball: A Magical Evening At Lavo Accra- As Narrated By DAME MEDIA’s Ndali Modebe

by InlandTown Editor
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Dear Diary,

As I pen down the memories of the Syrian Waters Masquerade Ball held at the glamorous Lavo Accra, I’m overwhelmed with a sense of wonder and enchantment.

It was an evening that blended elegance, artistry, and philanthropy, and I am thrilled to share the story with you.

🎭The Masks and Elegance: The night began with an air of mystery as guests arrived adorned in exquisite masks and resplendent costumes.


Lavo Accra, with its opulent chandeliers and drapery, was transformed into a realm of sophistication, akin to an underwater palace. The ambiance was nothing short of enchanting.

💃🏽Dance Lessons: What’s a masquerade ball without dance? Expert instructors led captivating dance lessons that saw our guests waltzing and salsa-ing with joy.

It was a beautiful moment of connection and celebration of the art of movement.
🔥Jaysmine Waters Fire Dance: The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the mesmerizing performance by Jaysmine Waters. She embodied the essence of fire, gracefully dancing with flames that seemed to obey her every command. Her act was nothing short of breathtaking and left the audience spellbound.
🎉 Surprises and Spectacles: Throughout the night, surprises unfolded, adding an extra layer of wonder to the evening. Fire dancers, acrobats, and dance games took center stage, creating an atmosphere of pure magic.

This evening at Lavo Accra, captured in NDALI’s Diaries, was a testament to the power of art, culture, and philanthropy coming together. It was a night where fantasy met reality, and dreams danced alongside reality.

As I reflect on this enchanting event, I’m grateful for the support of our guests and the dedication of the entire team that made this evening possible. It’s a memory that will forever hold a special place in my heart.

With anticipation for more extraordinary events and initiatives in the future, I bid you goodnight, dear diary.

See more pictures from the event below:

Masquerade BallMasquerade BallMasquerade BallMaquerade BallMasquerade Ball

Yours in wonder,
Ndali Modebe 🌊🎭✨

Courtesy of NDALI’s Diaries

Ndali ModebeNdali Modebe is a Broadcaster with over 15 years in the industry.
She’s worked with Spice TV Africa, FRCN, Presented at “The Beauty Class” Dream FM, “Beauty Tips,
The Exclusive Hub & Glits & Glamour”
She’s the Founder and Creative Director of DAME Media & PR Solutions, trained by MicroSoft & Assembly Hub on Digital Marketing and branding.
Ndali owns a Beauty Company called Hazel Oils. Where she provides organic beauty & grooming solutions for her clients. She is also a certified Beauty Branding Coach.
Currently, she’s exploring West African Culture and is based in Accra Ghana.

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