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Nigerian Arts And Culture Festival To Hold In Belgium

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Nigerian Arts and Culture Festival

The Embassy of Nigeria in Belgium has announced plans to hold the Nigerian Arts and Culture Festival in Antwerp, Belgium next month.

The festival, which will be held on September 2nd at the Antwerp Cricket Center, is free to the public and will feature a variety of cultural activities, including arts and culture exhibitions, Nigerian dance, music, foods, and movies.

In a statement issued on Saturday, Nigerian Ambassador to Belgium Obinna Chiedu Onowu said the festival is designed to “introduce Nigeria, its diverse culture, arts, and music to Belgian, African, Caribbean, and other communities in Antwerp.” He also said the festival will serve as a “uniting factor, bringing together all Nigerian associations to celebrate those cultural values that unite the people of Nigeria.”

Onowu quoted the theme of the festival as “Unity 2023,” saying it is “a reflection of the commitment of the Nigerian government to promoting unity and peace in the country.” He also said the festival is part of the government’s efforts to boost tourism in Nigeria.

Officials from the European Union, Belgium, the Organisation of African, Caribbean, and Pacific States, and other friends of Nigeria are expected to attend the festival.

The Nigerian Arts and Culture Festival is a major event that will showcase the rich culture and diversity of Nigeria to the world. It is a great opportunity for people from all over to learn about and celebrate Nigerian culture.

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