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Nigeria: Nostalgia vs Progress – Was the Past Truly Better Than The Present

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In the heart of Nigeria, a land rich in culture and history, a question often lingers in the minds of its people: “Was the past better than the present?” Moreover, it’s a thought that invokes a myriad of emotions, from nostalgia to hope; however, it’s a question that demands exploration


The Tale of Two Nigerias:

Nigeria, like many nations, has seen its fair share of changes over the years. The landscape has transformed, technology has surged forward, and the population has grown exponentially. There’s no denying that the past held moments of simplicity, close-knit communities, and traditions that held sway over daily life. Yet, it’s essential to approach this question with nuance.


Nostalgia’s Allure:

Nostalgia often paints the past in a rosy hue. We remember the warmth of family gatherings, the purity of traditional customs, and a sense of community that seemed unbreakable. But was it all truly better?


Challenges of the Past:

It’s crucial to recognize that the past was not without its challenges. Nigeria has faced political turmoil, economic instability, and social inequality throughout its history. The past held moments of darkness, and it’s vital to acknowledge that these struggles have driven progress.


The Power of Progress:

In the present, Nigeria is a nation on the move. Technological advancements have connected the nation with the world. Education and healthcare have seen improvements. The youth are harnessing innovation and advocating for change. There’s a dynamic energy that suggests a brighter future is within reach.


Conflict of Ideas:

The question of whether the past was better than the present is where ideas collide. Some argue that the loss of traditions and the rapid pace of change have eroded the soul of Nigeria. Others insist that progress is essential for growth, and it’s the foundation for a more prosperous future.


A Harmonious Balance:

Perhaps the answer lies in striking a balance between past and present. Embracing the rich heritage of Nigeria while harnessing the potential of a rapidly evolving world. Progress need not mean abandoning traditions, but rather, evolving them to suit contemporary needs.



Nigeria’s journey from its past to the present is a complex tapestry of experiences, challenges, and aspirations. While nostalgia may tug at our hearts, it’s essential to recognize that progress is a beacon of hope for a brighter tomorrow. The question itself sparks lively debates, reflecting the diversity of thought within this great nation.


In the end, the past holds cherished memories, but the present carries the torch of change. The real question may not be whether the past was better than the present, but rather, how Nigeria can leverage its rich history to illuminate the path to a promising future.


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