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MOWAA Takes Center Stage In Benin’s Cultural Renaissance

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MOWAA (Museum of Weste African Art, Edo)

In an exciting development, the management of the Museum of West African Art, Edo (MOWAA), has announced that the prestigious institution will serve as a dynamic and central hub for the much-anticipated Benin cultural district.

Ore Disu, the director of the MOWAA Pavilion, revealed this during a press conference held in Benin City to commemorate this year’s MOWAA Open Day.

Ore stated that the organization’s scope extended beyond art from Edo State and would encompass various West African countries as well.

In her statement, she emphasized that once in operation, MOWAA would serve as a vital platform for safeguarding and showcasing a diverse range of West African artwork, spanning from ancient to contemporary pieces crafted by talented artisans.

She described the organization as a self-sustaining nonprofit undertaking a bold mission to establish a globally renowned complex dedicated to arts, culture, and heritage.

According to the director, the EMOWAA Trust is the owner and operator of the center, with governance overseen by an autonomous board of trustees.

Ore emphasized that the core objective of MOWAA was to establish a self-sustaining ecosystem that nurtures and empowers contemporary creative and heritage professionals. Additionally, MOWAA aimed to actively contribute to the preservation and safeguarding of West African arts, culture, and heritage.

“Our objective is to actively contribute to the sustainable conservation of invaluable cultural artifacts in West Africa, ensuring their preservation for present and future generations. Additionally, we aim to create meaningful career opportunities for researchers, conservators, and other dedicated professionals in this field,” she said.

In her statement, she emphasized that MOWAA aimed to enhance conservation endeavors in Nigeria while also ensuring the adequate protection of surviving cultural artifacts from any potential harm caused by construction activities.

She further stated that upon completion, the pavilion will feature cutting-edge storage facilities, state-of-the-art laboratories for conservation purposes, advanced digital production capabilities, and a team of expert training specialists.

“Others are archaeology and applied material science in West Africa in order to professionalize heritage practice in the sub-Saharan region.”

“It will feature an exhibition gallery with views into the collection study area, an auditorium, conference rooms, conservation laboratories, library among others,” she noted.

She added that MOWAA had been graciously welcomed as a guest in the Benin Kingdom, with the intention of collaborating and assisting cultural institutions in Edo State and beyond. This included the upcoming Royal Benin Museum, aiming to establish a vibrant creative hub and a flourishing tourist attraction in the state. She also mentioned that the construction of the pavilion was set to conclude by early 2024.

Meanwhile, Phillip Ihenacho, director of MOWAA Trust, announced that the organization formerly known as Edo Museum of West African Art (EMOWAA) has undergone a name change and is now called Museum of West African Art, Edo (MOWAA).

According to him, the name was changed to refresh and modernize its brand identity.

“We have decided to update our brand identity to emphasize our focus. So, going forward we will use the Museum of West African Art, Edo (MOWAA).

“This signifies a new chapter for our organization. We have already been approached by organizations in West Africa about potential collaborations.

“In the future, we hope to establish other centres of creativity and learning across Nigeria and beyond to grow our global presence”, he added.

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