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Kangiwa Hails Nigeria As Africa’s Premier Gastronomy Tourism Hotspot

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Nura Kangiwa

Alhaji Nura Kangiwa, the Director-General of the National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism (NIHOTOUR), stated that Nigeria stands as the foremost gastronomy tourist destination in Africa, boasting unparalleled diversity in its ethnic groups and a distinctive food culture.

Kangiwa made this statement on Saturday in Abuja during the Third Edition of the Gastronomy Festival, which centered around the theme “Culinary Arts: The Gateway to Growing Tourism Destination.”

He further mentioned that the nation had emerged as the top gastronomic tourist destination in Africa. He expressed that the institute would continue to support the government’s initiatives to maintain this momentum.

“Nigeria is the most competitive gastronomy tourist destination in Africa. This can be found in the diversity of our ethnic groups and corresponding unique foods culture.”

“The exhibition of today’s foods shows the abundance of Nigerian cuisines.”

“Gastronomy is a cultural expression of nations through their food choices, sources of ingredients and types of cuisines, as it is typically thriving in culturally rich destinations like Nigeria,” he said.

The director-general emphasized that Nigerian cuisines truly capture the gastronomic splendor and rich diversity of the nation.

Dr. Ngozi Owundiwe, the Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture (FMIC), also highlighted the significance of gastronomy in shaping the nation’s identity and its vital role in fostering tourism development.
Owundiwe, represented by Mrs. Patricia Narai, the Director of Domestic Tourism in the ministry, noted that, “Nigerian cuisines identify us as a nation, as well as telling the good story of our people.”

“It has rapidly become a major growing component in the contribution to our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to all developing countries around the world.”

Furthermore, Dr. Chidia Maduekwe, the Director-General of the Nigerian Film Corporation (NFC), said that Nigeria has been recognized as one of Africa’s premier hospitality and tourism destinations adding that that there were lots of hospitality and tourism sites and locations across the country that had yet to be harnessed.

According to him, these have helped to promote green grass revolution and environmental protection and safety.

“These sites and locations have become the spots for the advertisement and consumption of special Nigerian cuisines and delicacies.

“These all add up to the promotion of domestic cultural integration and development.”

During his speech, Mr. Nicolas Nyouky, the Senegal Ambassador to Nigeria, expressed his appreciation for the collaboration between NIHOTOUR and the Senegal embassy in promoting the exchange of delectable culinary experiences.

“Nigeria is in the spotlight in the field of gastronomy due to its cooking techniques,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Mr. Li Xuda, the Cultural Counsellor at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, commended NIHOTOUR for its efforts in enhancing the partnership between Nigeria and China in the promotion of their rich cultural heritage.

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