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Igbo Culture Takes Center Stage At The New Yam Festival In Ghana

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New Yam Festival

In a colourful celebration that united people from different backgrounds, the Igbo culture shone brightly at the Igbo Day/New Yam Festival in Ghana.

The event was graced by by Hon. Ugonna Ozurigbo, the representative for Nkwerre/Isu/Nwangele/Njaba Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives.

Ozuruigbo, who also serves as the House Committee Chairman on Niger Delta Ministry, praised Ambassador Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu, the leader of the Igbo community in Ghana. He commended Ambassador Ihenetu for his unwavering dedication to preserving the vibrant Igbo cultural heritage and reviving African traditions. This is particularly important as younger generations in the Diaspora are becoming increasingly disconnected from their roots.

Ihenetu’s annual event drew dignitaries from various parts of the world, including Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and Asia.

In his speech, Ozurigbo highlighted the importance of preserving and promoting Igbo culture, not only within Nigeria but also beyond its borders. He emphasized that culture transcends national boundaries and should be celebrated by all who connect with it. Ozurigbo, who proudly declared himself a dedicated student of history and a passionate admirer of Igbo’s vibrant cultural heritage, pledged his commitment to participating in the yearly event held in Ghana. This event draws dignitaries from various fields, including politics, industry, tradition, and religion.

Ozuruigbo emphasized that promoting Igbo culture can strengthen unity and mutual understanding between Nigeria and Ghana. He also advocated for programs aimed at educating the younger generation living outside Nigeria about the Igbo language, history, and traditions. Preserving the language is crucial to maintaining Igbo identity and social significance.

In commending Ihenetu for elevating social awareness of the annual festival through the strong publicity efforts led by Njoku Macdonald Obinna, he also emphasized the importance of an ongoing partnership to further promote Igbo culture not only in Ghana but also in other nations.

He strongly supported the idea of providing financial support and acknowledgment to Igbo artisans. These artisans hold a pivotal role in preserving and displaying Igbo culture through their exceptional craftsmanship.

The Igbo Day/New Yam Festival in Ghana concluded with a joyful display of traditional dances, vibrant music, and the communal feast of freshly roasted yams. These yams symbolize not only prosperity but also sustenance for the community.

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