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20 Unpopular Opinions That Will Trigger Nigerian’s

by InlandTown Editor
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Unpopular Opinions are Like When You Have This Thought in Your Head, and it’s like, “Hey, Everybody, Check Out This Crazy Idea!” And then, Gbam, The Room Goes Silent, and You’re Left Standing There, Thinking, “Omo, I Guess Nobody’s On Board With That One!

It’s When You Go Against The Mainstream And Watch as People Go Crazy As They Give You That Look Like You Just Told Them You Believe in Aliens or Something.   Aliens are real BTW


Here are 20 Unpopular Opinions for Nigerians To Be Mad About

  1. Android (Samsung, Google Pixel) is better than iPhone
  2. Fried Rice is Way Better Than Jollof Rice
  3. Asake is Mid at Best
  4. Burna Boy is better than Wizkid, Davido and Asake Combined
  5. The Average Nigerian is a Psychopath
  6. Bread and Akara is Better than Pizza
  7. Women cheat More than Men
  8. Yoruba People are Much More Talented than Igbo people
  9. You can Start a Family and Still be Lonely
  10. Afrobeats Truly Has No Substance
  11. Broke People Have More Sex Than Rich People
  12. Rich People Don’t Have Real Problems
  13. Majority of Nigerians Do Not Support President Tinubu
  14. Love is Overrated
  15. Money Can Buy Happiness
  16. Dating is Pointless if You Don’t Have Money
  17. Rainy Season is Better Than Dry Season
  18. Religion Is a Scam
  19. You Don’t Need Coffee in Nigerian
  20. Classroom Education Has Outlived Its Usefulness

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