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Yoruba Movies Crucial To Cultural Preservation, Says Sunkanmi Fasasi

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Sunkanmi Fasasi

Nigerian actor and filmmaker, Sunkanmi Fasasi, has stated that Yoruba movies play a significant role in cultural preservation.

According to him, Yoruba movies offer more than just entertainment; they also play a role in preserving the culture by exploring various cultural themes.

Fasasi noted that the Nollywood film industry could become one of the largest industries in the future with the implementation of appropriate measures. He emphasized that the creative sector requires support from the government, similar to the attention given to sports.

‘‘Nollywood has evolved quite well over the years as it is regarded as one of the biggest in the world after Hollywood and alongside Bollywood. This shows that Nollywood has evolved greatly and will continue to evolve. It may be the biggest film industry in the future, but with high production values, sophisticated production equipment, and other factors, we can make it happen. The picture quality of our films in the 1980s and 1990s cannot be compared to what is being produced in this current age and time.”

“If our government can be supportive and create a conducive environment for filmmaking, I think Nollywood will be the biggest in the future,” he said.

Speaking on roles he won’t dare to play, the talented actor said, “That will be the role of a herbalist or native doctor in a movie. Playing a herbalist requires a lot of incantations, deep Yoruba proverbs, and lots more. Although there are some actors that find that role interesting and fun, such a role will be challenging for me. Most of the actors who play such roles are method actors who are already used to playing them.”

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