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Wouldn’t You rather Spend Your Thursday Watching These Movies

by InlandTown Editor
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By Itty Okopide

What is better than a Thursday filled with chocolates and movies?  You may have those bubbly plans against Friday with your folks and not have time for movie nights. Our instincts tell us Thursday is a good idea for movies if you try not to stay dizzy at work.

We have curated a number of movies depicting culture from different perspectives. Now let us dive into our “oldie goodie” movie recommendations for your Thursday movie night.

  1. The Visitor: You can never know much about yourself till you return home. Find out more about Walter and his encounters at home.
  2. Something New: Romance lovers, where art thou? explore aspects of middle/upperclass African-American culture and interracial/interclass dating in this movie.
  3. The Scent of Green Papaya: What influence does culture have on a beautiful young peasant girl who may have found love.
  4. Real Women Have Curves: Imagine being told you have too many curves? does that fall under cultural expectations or class constrictions?
  5. Monsoon Wedding: The struggle with to maintain cultural traditions don’t end. Get more insight on how this family keeps focus in a constantly changing world.



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