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Woman Gives Birth In front of ABS Anambra

by Austin Areh
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In all of this  assumptions about not empowering women, I am beginning to feel that there is an undertone of all of this, because it goes beyond gender, many have assumed that once a woman becomes powerful, she looses respect for the male folks, this notion to me is basically based on complex in my own opinion because respect is reciprocal and if you give respect to a male or female, you’ll get it back. It is true that many men shy away from being with women with ambition because they assume that they are very vocal about their thoughts and ideas, and it tends to cause issues in their homes in the future, to me, that is totally funny.

I believe that, a woman is a reflection of what you feed her, and with the long list of very successful women in the Nigerian society, I don’t see why such notion still exists, it could be an upshot of the former idea that women should be left to cater for their children at home while the men work, but we forget that many homes currently have the women as the bread winners while the men play more domestic roles, which many people accept.

I feel that many people who still advocate that women should not be given opportunities are victims of very acute ego levels and if they are honest with themselves and see the levels of success stories these women have brought to the society, they will change such notions, however, it will take a while before the society comes with the reality that women deserve to enjoy the respect and attention men get, and this totally   has nothing to do with feminism and the likes, it is just life.

It is important for the nation to start catering for women who are displaced and need a sense of bearing and belonging. There should be more social awareness on mental health and varying forms of sicknesses that could hold back the progress rate of women in the society . In a report , a woman  who is  mentally challenged gave birth in front of the Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS) Awka on April 6th , 2022.

This situation was discovered by staff who came to work in the morning and supported her to give birth.There are claims that the woman is a resident in that area and she literally lives in the bus stand , which is close to ABS. Before this situation, every-time a Staff reaches out to her, she showcased some violence, thereby restraining them from giving her any form of support.


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