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Where Is Afrobeats Hit ‘Machala’ ?

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Popular skit-maker turned musician, Carter Efe released a song titled “Machala” on Friday, 29th of July 2022, and set social media buzzing and vibing to this perfect blend of Amapiano and Afro-fusion.

The hit song, “Machala” is one of the many nicknames given to Afrobeat musician and superstar Ayo Balogun, known worldwide as Wizkid by his ever-enthusiastic fanbase dubbed “Wizkid FC” or just “FC”. Machala means “Boss”, or “Supreme king” and is used by FC to confirm Wizkid’s dominance as an Afrobeat superstar.

Carter Efe has never been too shy to proclaim his undying love and admiration for Wizkid as a die-hard fan and has not gone as far as teaming up with fast and rising Afrobeat singer, Berri Tiga to release a song titled “Machala” to further show his love for the superstar. It promised to be a smash hit as snippets of the song were already trending on Instagram and TikTok even before its release.

As of the time of release, the song debuted at number 7 on the Apple Music Nigeria Top 100 songs and wasted no time in climbing to the number 1 spot on the chart.

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But as of yesterday, the song has apparently gone “missing” from Apple Music, Spotify, and all other streaming platforms. Some sources claim that a split sheet was not duly signed prior to release, which led to a misunderstanding.

These reports appear to be closest to the truth as Berri Tiga, co-writer of the Machala hit single posted on his Instagram story “N***as backstabbing calling it love #GOD”. When asked by a follower on Instagram who stabbed him in the back, he did not confirm nor deny the allegations.

Others believe it may be a copyright infringement issue as the name “Machala” is mainly associated with Wizkid. Despite how viral the song was at the time, Afrobeat superstar Wizkid never reposted, commented, nor reached out to Carter Efe to acknowledge the song.

Carter Efe reportedly met with one of the Afrobeat superstar’s associates and they had a “conversation”.  Probably, the result of that conversation is what we can now see as the removal of the song from streaming platforms.

Well Carter Efe himself is yet to come forward to clear the air about the disappearance of his viral song from streaming platforms. All of this begs the question, “Where is Machala?”


Byline: Daniel Otu

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