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We’ve Done Enough’, TG Omori On Why He Stopped Shooting Asake’s Music Videos

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The Nigerian music industry has seen its fair share of dynamic collaborations between artists and directors. One such partnership that sparked intrigue was between popular music director and cinematographer TG Omori, known as ThankGod Omori Smith, and the talented singer Asake. Their creative synergy birthed the hit track “Organize” in 2022, leaving fans hungry for more visual delights.


However, recent developments raised eyebrows as Asake opted to work with a different director for his latest music videos, leaving fans and industry insiders wondering about the shift in this artistic alliance.


In a candid interview on the Zero Condition podcast, TG Omori shed light on the situation, clarifying that there was no discord between him and Asake. He emphasized his belief in giving artists the freedom to explore new horizons creatively.


TG Omori emphasized that both he and Asake had collaborated on numerous music videos, with a portfolio boasting around 12 productions. Despite the change, he emphasized that their relationship remained amicable, and the decision was a part of the ever-evolving dynamics of the music industry.


He remarked, “Even if a husband and wife are separating, people do take breaks. I think we’ve done enough together; we’ve created around 12 videos. We’re still on good terms. It’s a business, and ultimately, you have to respect your client’s decisions.”


The renowned director expressed his support for artists venturing into new territories creatively, highlighting his reluctance to impose his services on them solely because of a past collaboration. He viewed it as a testament to the evolving nature of the music scene and the importance of allowing artists to express themselves freely.


TG Omori also acknowledged the enduring bond between him and YBNL, emphasizing his deep connection with Olamide, the founder of YBNL. Olamide, known for nurturing talent and promoting collaboration, had previously worked with various directors before offering TG Omori the opportunity to shine. Now, he’s extending that same opportunity to another talented director.


In essence, TG Omori’s perspective on this transition is one of understanding and appreciation for the creative journey. He recognizes that artists, like Asake, deserve the liberty to explore fresh collaborations and visions. It’s a testament to the ever-evolving nature of the music industry and the mutual respect shared among artists and directors.


As TG Omori aptly puts it, “And if I take that personally, then I have messed up.” This perspective reflects the mature and adaptive nature of the Nigerian music scene, where artists and directors continue to thrive and evolve, ever-ready to embrace new horizons.

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