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Virtual Gala: UmuOnitshaAdo Congratulates Onitsha Young Adults and Onitsha Unity Movement

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The UmuOnitshaAdo has sent a gratulatory message to the Onitsha Young Adults and Onitsha Unity Movement following its second three-day weekend virtual gala held.

Onwa Dr. Joseph Ubaike who issued the message appreciated the guests at the event. He said, “We applaud the collective efforts of all those that helped organize the program.

“Particular gratitude to the young adults that helped put the event together, you continue to show us that the future for Onitsha is bright. You all did marvelously well, and we are extremely proud of you.”

The event featured a lot of activities including masquerade dancing, Onitsha Town Updates, and touched on major topics such as dating, marriage, divorce, co-parenting and custody as well as fitness and wellness. Also achieved during the event was the launch of the Igbo Language Onicha Dialect Program, led by Dr. Kayode Adebowale, Moses Obiozor Ejiamike, Chizoba Okechukwu, Mrs. Nkechi.

Present at the meeting were the group’s great spiritual leaders, Arch Deacon Paul Aduba as well as MCs Chu Chu Enwezor of Maryland and Devine Nzegwu of Wisconsin. Also in attendance were backup adult MCs Chinyelugo Ifeanyi Nzegwu, Emilia Egbuche of Rhode Island and Ofuchi Araka of New York. He also acknowledged the contributions of the executive committee members/backstage support crew that supported and participated in several zoom meetings and teleconferences prior to and on the weekend of the event, Ify Obianwu Atuona, Izu Emeagwali, Ojinnaka Ebo, Kpajie Onwuta, Onwa Ubaike, Onwa Ikobi, Akukalia Onuora, Chinyelugo Ifeanyi Nzegwu, Kpajie Kwentoh, Odoziaku Ogbuli, Lawretta Aghadiuno, Maureen Ojukwu, Princess Igwebuike, Chu Chu Enwezor, Devine Nzegwu, Izu Emeagwali, Ofuchi Araka, Ify Ubaike Ugbo, Jennifer Araka, John Egbuna, Isitore Ndiwe, Laura Hayes, Christy Onwuemelie, Emilia Egbuche, Nwachukwu Omekam, Eric Aghadiuno, Arch Deacon Paul Aduba, Dom Oguejiofor, Chucks Araka and Onyeoma Chio Ubaike.

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Onwa Dr. Joseph Ubaike was elated at the accomplishment of the event and described it as a fantastic and superbly organized program. “By all accounts, it was a fantastic and superbly organized program,” he said.

He also thanked the sponsors whom he noted “provided the funds for the masquerade dance and best dressed prices: Ojinnaka Dr. Bosah Ebo, Kpajie Dr. Nnaemeka Onwuta, Onwa Dr. Joe Ubaike, Eric Aghadiuno, Nnanyelugo Chike Kwentoh Foundation (Kpajie Kwentoh), Odoziaku Felicia Ogbuli, Dr. Linus and Mrs. Maureen Ojukwu, Dr. Kayode Adebowale of the Blended Learning and Study Center, Mrs. Chidi Egwuatu Nwadiogbu, Chucks Araka, Rosemary Weaver, and Vivian Maafoh.”

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