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Upcycling Culture Celebrities Don’t Practice But Angelina Jolie Thinks Otherwise

by InlandTown Editor
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Angelina Jolie

By Itty Okopide

Did she just repeat that outfit!?

One exclamation or, I would say, question we ask ourselves when we see celebrities or Angelina Jolie’s children upcycle their outfits. Surprisingly, we fail to understand that celebrities are humans just like us, and so they should be allowed to upcycle.

If upcycling involves reusing objects for practical or aesthetic purposes, prolonging their usefulness and diverting them from landfill, then to critically examine the culture of upcycling, means to totally exempt celebrities from prolonging the aesthetic usefulness of their belongings.

Did some celebrities buy into that idea? yes. Did Angelina Jolie buy into that idea? No. That is why I strongly think every celebrity should not be restricted. Angelina Jolie didn’t just dazzle us in her exclusive interview with Access, with her co-star Salma Hayek in her latest movie, Eternals, speaking on upcycling too, she is our CELEBRITY ICON.

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At the Eternals movie premiere, we see Angelina Jolie’s children step out in upcycled styles. Sixteen-year old  Zahara dazzled in her mother’s 2014 famous Oscar dress.

Zahara dazzles in her mum’s 2014 famous Oscar dress

As expected, during an interview with Access, the interviewer is curious about Zahara wearing her mum’s dress, and though she finds Zahara absolutely stunning, she needs a clear picture on how Zahara goes about raiding Angelina Jolie’s closet. Angelina goes on to narrate that she had discussions about upcycling with her kids.

“I have those things in my closet, we just had them somewhere in a box and I decided to pull some stuff out because we were talking about upcycling and using things. Using things you already have.” Angelina Jolie said.

Did I Hear Salma Hayek Clearly!

Like Angelina Jolie having her kids raid her closet, the same goes for Salma Hayek, and guess what? they believe that it’s fun to pass stuff down to your kids when you’re a mum.

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