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Unboxing the Unique Culture of India

by InlandTown Editor
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by Itty Okopide

I have had so much interest in Asian countries in the last four years. I would spend time researching on exciting places to visit in these countries. After college, I didn’t have a real job but my screen time would measure up to eight hours a day, spent on gathering great and little information on India, Maldives, Indonesia and Singapore.

My heart goes all out to India for all the beauty it beholds. Diverse cultures, magnificent flowers, rivers flowing through, Himalayas stretching across and a peculiar religion. People love diversity, learning, beauty, adventure and the unseen aspects a culture has to offer. When it comes to culture, India has a lot to offer from cuisine to music, clothing, architecture, languages, and religion.

How would you think of Indian cuisine? Diverse and rich, just like the culture itself. Indian cuisines vary from region to region reflecting the cultural diversity, local produce and culinary innovations. With so much ingredients in use, Indian cuisines deploy several cooking styles, preparation techniques, and culinary presentations. Dairy products such as cheese, milk, yogurt and Ghee play a huge role in Indian food. Utilising milk while cooking has become a distinct feature of cuisines in India that no other country has been able to match. It’s no wonder the Rice kheer, Milk Peda, Milk Burfi and Chicken Doodhwala have become irreplaceable Indian dishes.”For sheer inventiveness with the milk itself as the primary ingredient no other country has been able to match India.” Harold Mcgee, a Michelin-starred chef notes.

Rice Kheer is a delicious, creamy Indian style rice pudding made with milk, rice, almonds and sugar.

In India, varied spices are an integral part of certain food preparations. I remember Naomi, a friend from school narrating the unforgettable experience with Indian food.

to be continued

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