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Tinubu Declares Fitness To Rule; says Presidency Is Not Raw Power

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Bola Tinubu, the presidential candidate of the All Progresssive Congress has declared that he is vigorous enough to rule as a president if elected. According to him, the presidential race is not a wrestling match.

Tinubu made the statement at a dinner organised in his credit by the Kano Business Community in Kano. “I’m neither running for a 100-yard nor a 500-yard race; neither am I competing in WWE wrestling. I’m running for the presidency which is a knowledge-driven job. I am very healthy. Do I look sick?”

He was at Kano to initiate the APC presidential and gubernatorial campaign offices. At the launch, he also announced the contribution of 100 million naira to flood victims in Kano state. He said the contribution was to subsidise the plight of victims in affected local government areas in Kano.

“Nigerians, put me out of their reach. Vote for me 100 per cent. They will stop complaining because I’m smarter than they are”.

He, however, urged Nigerians to continue steadfastly in praying for an end to flood disasters in the country. He also noted that the federal government has all hands on deck to build more infrastructures and ensure a better standard of living for Nigerians. “Unity in diversity, peace and prosperity are the fulcrum of my mission in this contest,” he said.

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He also made a promise to revitalise industries and make them a competitive source of industrialisation and growth, not just for the North or Kano, but the entire country. He sang the praises of the state governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, for his effort in infrastructure development.

Tinubu, who called Ganduje a “friend and a reliable partner”, said the relationship between Kano and Lagos goes way back to years of similitude of economy in the two states. He also gave his word to the business community that he will provide a thriving environment for businesses in the state and thanked it for the honour.

“If we win the election, we will call your representatives and see how we can move the nation forward,” he said.

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