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Tinubu Cancels Birthday Party, Calls for Donations For Attacked Victims

by Austin Areh
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The aspiration of every politician over time is be able to keep climbing up the ladder of political influence and positions, and that quest is a fire that can never be extinguished , because it directly aligns to man’s nature, of always wanting more, just like in the case of Oliver twist.

But in truth, lets be realistic, power is truly intoxicating and it is expected to see how someone that may never have been interested in politics, after very massive persuasion from people may decide to get involved, but to the surprise of many people , after the first tenure, will indicate interest for another one and go all the way. But there is still room for humane activities even if there are political Ambitions.

While the politicians are gearing up for the next elections in 2023 , one aspirant Bola Ahmed Tinubu in reaction to the train attack has suggested that Nigerians should donate money for the bereaved families. It has been reported that he also canceled his birthday celebration which was billed to hold at Eko Hotel on the 29th of March, in recognition of the sad terrorist attack on the train passengers.

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