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Timipre Sylva Drops Presidential Ambition

by Austin Areh
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Elections posses the vital potential to build and enhance the scope of positive reach by any democratic government. While the core is a system that allows every key player handle their sensitive roles in aiding the growth of development, the smooth transition from one democratic dispensation to another is deeply imbedded in the process of elections.

It has been reported that Timipre Sylva , who is the current Minister of State for Petroleum, officially withdrew from his  Presidential ambition in the All Progressives Congress (APC). Going further , his reason revolves around the amount of work he has to do in his ministry of assignment in line with assisting President Buhari in achieving their goals. The official statement reads ;

“He promised to consult the leader of the country and his political leaders the day he was presented with the form.

“He believes that concentrating on his work will attract more investments for the oil and gas sector.

“He has consulted and he believes that the challenges at the ministry and oil and gas sector are enough issues for him to begin to deal with now than going to pursue presidential ambition at the expense of the nation.

“The oil and gas sector is the mainstay of the economy and it is not like any other ministry somebody can just come in and take over.

“It requires some measures of time for the person to understand what is happening in the system.

“For the interest of the industry and the nation, he has decided to wave that personal ambition to see what he can contribute in the remaining part of President Buhari’s administration.

“The implementation of the Petroleum Industry Act 2021 is very critical and he wants to continue to make his own contribution to the day-to-day running of the country and support Mr President for robust achievements”

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