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The Place Of Official Mother In Issele Uku Kingdom

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In the olden days, it was usual to find a King’s mother dancing alongside her son in Issele-Uku festivals. During the reign of Agbogidi Obi Rufus Osemene 11, the mother, Queen Ntahamu was always with the son, in most cases observing the stages before the son would emerge to perform his kingly roles and rites.



The reign of Agbogidi Obi Henry Ezeagwuna equally significantly witnessed the presence of his mother, Queen Phoebe taking the lead to always clear the way for the son, both spiritually and otherwise.

This time with Agbogidi Obi Nduka, the mother, Queen Faith, a strong and faithful woman has also always been around her son, in his best interest and the advancement of Issele-Uku culture.

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However, the installation of Chief (Mrs.) Josephine Ada Kachikwu as the EZINNE Of ISSELE-UKU KINGDOM has given another unique outlook to the outings of Obi Nduka during festivals.

Ezinne means good mother and this is the role the matriarch of the Kachikwu family had been playing since Obi Nduka was a Crown Prince and now that he has been crowned King.

The role of the Ezinne in Issele-Uku is official. Whereas the King has his biological mother doing her beat and Omu doing hers as a mother to all, the Ezinne is an official mother to the king who helps to organize events in the Palace, galvanize and coordinate the women towards effectively performing their duty of Motherhood and adhering to the leadership of the Omu in keeping to the tenets of proper womanhood as wives, mothers, and teachers of values.

Watch out for more interesting moments as the Ine Aho Issele-Uku lasts.

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