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The Origin Of Lagos

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Back in the day, before Nigeria became a sovereign state, Lagos was claimed to be part of the western region because of its location and Yoruba origin. its origin can be traced back as far as the 17th century.

However, the original Lagosians of the time challenged that Lagos belonged to the West theory; successfully proved the independence of the old Lagos (gede be L’ eko wa) Thus, it later became one of the first twelve states created in 1967.

Lagos became the first capital of Nigeria and this gave it a great platform to become a megacity of excellence and it has since paved the way for more development in political, social, and economic aspects.

    Source: Nairaland

Lagos has always been believed to have been a business place right from its inception this can be traced back to when the original Lagosians established family compounds and business centers as far back as the early 17th century, (the Iga Aromire, Iga Iduganran, and the agboles (compounds) of the four original settlements Isale Eko, Olowogbowo, Oko Faji and Popo Aguda.) These settlements of Lafiaji/lkoyi, Ebute Meta/Yaba were added during the colonial days.


Lagos is said to have produced most of the first modern-day professionals in various fields such as Accounting, medicine, journalism, etc all from the early Olowogbowo settlements.

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