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The One Who Dared: Prof. Olusegun Shogbesan

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Home, they say is where the heart lives. Today’s post is dedicated to Professor Olusegun Sogbesan, a Yoruba by birth but an  onye Onicha by heart.

Professor Olusegun Sogbesan who was born in Ogun state relocated to Adazi-Ani , a town in the then Anambra State in 1991.

In 1992, after his National Youth Service programme, he stayed back in Anambra owing to the fact that he wanted to empower the traders with the right information based on the gaps he identified from his many interaction with them.

Thus, he developed an academic program tailored towards business which provides a young Igbo apprentice that has completed Imu-Afia training with choices.

Prof Segun believed that with the right exposure, information and training, these traders will live up to their highest potentials. Consequently, he established the Onitsha Business school, the first business school in Anambra.

The goal of this school was basically to empower traders with the right skills and tools for the 21st century. It should be emphasized that, Prof Olusegun Sogbesan spent his entire adult life in the east. Spending over 28 years in Onitsha, it is no surprise that he’s very fluent in the igbo language. Interestingly, he has also delivered lectures in Igbo.

Felicitations to Professor Olusegun O. Sogbesan, Director and Founder of Onitsha Business School. A man who dared the odds and succeeded.


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