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The Desperacy Of Our Leaders: Reaction To Fake Bishops Paid By APC

by Austin Areh
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Few weeks ago, there was an outrage that  was expressed on social media over the All Progressives Congress (APC) vice presidential candidate Kashim Shettima’s unveiling ceremony.

Following this action,  Nigerian government has once again proved to the citizens that the leaders and aspiring leaders of the Nation are respectively power drunk and power hungry.

At the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Center in Abuja on Wednesday, there was an unveiling ceremony.

Since the images of the alleged clergy members appeared on social media, many Nigerians have examined and evaluated the appropriateness of their attire, and even the way they carried themselves as supposed bishops.

It all started when Tinubu’s claimed that Shettima was his only option since he claims that “it’s his turn” to be president and that he is prepared to do whatever it takes to realize that goal.

This statement may have suggest some sense of entitlement that he may be feeling, and this is already a negative sign for Tinubu and his political party. Ever since then, they has been signs and actions that have pin pointed desperacy on Tinubu’s side.

It shows that Tinubu and his party don’t really care about the efficiency that the position is supposed to demonstrate in the Nation, rather than that, all they care about is power.

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Tinubu claims that skill, not religion, was the deciding factor in his selection of Shettima. In other words, there isn’t a Christian from the north who is capable enough to serve as Tinubu’s running partner.

Even so, as Nigerians awaited the official announcement of the APC’s vice-presidential candidate, it appeared for a brief moment that the vocal opposition from a variety of Nigerians, many of whom were members of the ruling party itself, would be sufficient to convince Tinubu and his advisors to reconsider.

This desperacy to be in power was what birthed the fake Bishop saga that is being talked about in every corner of the nation.

Tinubu and his party have gone as far as trying to corrupt the Christian structure, and there are chances that christians may be silenced  if the party in question gets into power.

Also, following an update that the clergy’s were allegedly given a sum of 50,000 naira each, there is no doubt that poverty is a tool that always has been and is still being used to lure Nigerians to act out of character. This shows that a Nigerian can throw away their future and that of their fellow citizens, because of a ridiculous amount of money, that cannot fix even half of their problems.

This has demonstrated that the party’s presidential candidate cannot run Nigeria; this is how the government would deceive us, reject Christians, and get Christians to vote for them so they can be silenced in office.




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