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The Ceremony Of Maama

by Austin Areh
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When a new born child is brought home after delivery, the MAAMA ceremony is often performed before the child is taken into the family’s house, women and grown up children sing the MAAMA song while beating and clanging utensils and farming tools

The lyrics encourages the new born child to be industrious ,willing to learn, honest in his dealings and respectful to the parents/guardian which is a foundation laid for the ethical norm of the new baby.

the lyrics of the song goes thus:

Nnei gwayi okwu rubisi(obey your mother when she talks to you)


Nnai gwayi okwu rubisi(obey your father when he talks to you)


Welu ogu jebe ugbo(carry your hoe to the farm)


Welu ite sibe nni(Pick up a pot and cook)


Welu nkata jebe afia(pick up your basket and go to the market)


Ijide ife inye madu(be kind to others)


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