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Tambuwal Alleges That APC Owns A Fake News Factory

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The Director General of the Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Council and Sokoto State Governor, Aminu Tambuwual has accused APC of owning a fake news factory. He said this while speaking to a group of party supporters at Kaduna.

He said, “Some people said PDP has suspended its rallies in Nigeria, we issued a statement that it was fake news manufactured from the fake news laboratory of the APC and we are here in Kaduna today.“We have also just witnessed another effort to throw spanners in our works, they will fail and they have failed, and they will continue to fail by the Grace of God.

“They do not want us to continue because they are not prepared, they have not even constituted their presidential campaign council, not to talk of flagging off their campaign because of infighting. They are busy fighting themselves. “We are here in Kaduna, the political capital of Northern Nigeria and we are indeed very happy to be here.

“I believe the people of Kaduna have seen and have felt the negative impact of the APC administration in Nigeria, all the textile industries in Nigeria have closed down, and all manufacturing concerns in Kaduna are out of business.

“When Atiku is elected by the Grace of God, we shall bring back all the factories and manufacturing in Nigeria. Part of the agenda of the Atiku and PDP is growing the economy and you can only grow the economy when you grow the production sector and manufacturing.

“Atiku Abubakar administration will ensure that by the Grace of God we will reinvigorate and reestablish our industries for economic growth and for jobs to be created for the people to have what to do. So people of Kaduna come out enemas and vote for Atiku Abubakar.”

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The National Chairman of the PDP, Sen. Iyorchia Ayu also buttressed the point Tambuwal was driving, He said “They wanted to stop this rally, to Disrupt us, but they could not do it, PDP is in your DNA. “Whether they give you the venue for the rally or not, even if it is on the road we shall gather and we shall win”.

“The APC has failed, they have failed woefully and they do not want us to take over and reconstruct this country, we are going to rescue this country whether they like it or not because the party is in the heart.

“The party is not on the street, anything they do resist it, make sure you organize. In the last election, PDP got the highest vote in Kaduna State, in 2023 we are going to double the votes we got in 2019.

“Let nobody deceive himself by distracting you that we are going to lose, they have been doing everything to show that this party is divided, but we are united.
“We are a united political party, we are going to win all our five elections. House of Assembly, House of Representatives, Senate Governorship and above all we are moving to the Villa. Carry your PVC and make sure that Atiku wins everywhere.“


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