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SPPN President Calls On State Government To Revisit Burial Laws

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President of The Society of Printers Practitioners of Nigeria, SPPN, Onitsha Chapter, Mr. Okechukwu Akaneme has called on the Anambra State government to revisit the state’s burial laws which has outlawed the placing of billboards, banners, posters, and brochures.

According to Akaneme, the law is retrogressive as it was passed without due consideration of the ordeals their members will face with such lawfully implemented.

Rising from its meeting in Onitsha, the printing association regretted and wondered why such a law was made without strategic stakeholders like SPPN being consulted to make its input before the bill which touched on their lives and livelihood was made.

Furthermore, Akaneme stressed that the law has cost some of his members to close down their business while many have sacked their workers thereby increasing the rate of unemployment of the people on the state.

To this end, the one time President of Onitsha Chamber of Commerce Industry Mines and Agriculture, ONCCIMA,
beckoned on the state government to revisit the law with the view to making it less anti-job creation and less suffocating to printing Association.


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