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Spend All the Time With Your Lover But Don’t Neglect Work, A Boss Once Said

by InlandTown Editor
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By Itty Okopide

Many employers don’t agree that employees shouldn’t work on weekends.  During spoken conversations, they may agree to it. Is that what they honestly want within? When bosses say something, do they truly mean it? I’ll leave you with the answer but continue reading this story my beautiful friend, Jenny shared with me.

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On a chilly Monday morning, by 7am, Jenny got a message from her boss on the editorial platform. The message read: “There shall be an editorial meeting by 10am today. Come up with fresh ideas and be punctual.”

It sounded funny to Jenny. Did he just imply that they were not smart enough or that they intentionally decided to neglect work by showing up late to a meeting? No one would dare show up to an editorial meeting late and secondly, the editorial team was fed up of coming up with ideas that were never deployed.

The team had a mini meeting to discuss “fresh ideas” when everyone was present.

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Jenny got into the meeting and her boss took turns asking what ideas they came up with. Of course, Jenny came up with an idea which her boss thought was outrageous and threw it into the trash.

Just before the meeting came to an end, her boss asked the fashion assistant if she was able to complete a shoot for the next issue. She replied: “No sir, I didn’t think I would be required to do the shoot over the weekend.”

“You can spend all the time with your lover but don’t neglect your work.” That was the response she got.

According to Jenny, everyone stared in disbelief followed by amusement because they didn’t understand how “a lover” got into a work  conversation.

To be continued..

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